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Museum Model - Wooden Ship Model

Kufship was shipbuilt as a ship sailing the sky with the sun god after Pharaoh died.
Ancient Egypt often travels and forth between the Nile River, the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and ships, and the shipbuilding technology was also high.
The two ships that were buried on the south side of King Khufu's pyramid are about 50 m in length.
The first one was discovered by the Egyptian archeologist in 1954 and the second one was discovered by Japanese scholars in 1987 and the preservation processing and the restoration study are currently ongoing.

《 kit contents 》
This kit is a precision museum model scaled down to 1/72 faithfully by Egyptian exhibit boat based on detailed data from the archaeologist supervised by Professor Yoshimura.
It is simple in appearance, but it is a precision wooden model pursuing internal structure and ease of making.

*Time until completing: For about 25 hours

Manufacturer Woody JOE
Package size 570x180x60mm
Scale 1/72
Length 588mm
Width 79mm
Height 150mm
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