Woody JOE / Khufu ship - Museum Model

Woody JOE reproduces Khufu ship with a wooden kit.
Two ship buried on the south side of Khufu's pyramid is a large wooden shipbuilding ship with a total length of nearly 50 meters.
The kit is a precision museum model that scales down the Egypt exhibit ship faithfully to 1/72 scale based on detailed information.
The appearance is simple, but a precise internal structure. It is a precision wooden model pursuing ease of making.


1/72 Scale "Khufu ship"

Woody JOE
Woody JOE - Wooden Ship Model

A pharaoh (King) was made as the thing which navigated the riding heavens with solar God posthumously with the solar ship.
Ancient Egypt often navigated the Nile and the Mediterranean Sea by ship, and a shipbuilding technology was high.

Two ships buried by the Pyramid of Khufu south side were the large-sized wooden vessels that there was nearly 50m in total length, and I was big, and the technique gave Greece influence in coming ages.

It was said that the reason to have two solar ships transferred to a different ship in the world and the next world, but understood that two ranged by a Japanese excavation investigating group and navigated the world and the next world forever in every day.

As for the first ship, the second ship is discovered by an Egyptian archeologist in 1987 in 1954 by a Japanese excavation investigating group, and preservation processing and a reconstruction study are in progress now.