"YAKATA BUNE" Traditional Japanese style pleasure boat

Woody JOE
WJWSN-04 / Level 1
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1/24 Scale "YAKATA BUNE" Japanese Ship Model, by Woody JOE

Kitamae bune a large cargo sailing ship that was sailing in the early Meiji era from the Edo era.
Sailing in the Sea of Japan side from Hokkaido to Osaka via Shimonoseki.
Unlike the hull of HIGAKI KAISEN that was operating the Pacific Ocean side, is the warping of the hull is large feature in order to respond to the Sea of Japan in the rough seas.

Kitamae Bune 11's site / Kitamae bune's port of call and shipowner village (11 places)

About the Model
Easy-to-understand color manual. The ease of assembly in order to have the highest priority, is settled precisely laser processing most of the parts.
Appearance is to reproduce as faithfully as possible. (Internal structure invisible, ship interior does not represent)

Time until completing: For about 70 hours.

Manufacturer Woody JOE
Scale 1/24
Package size 615x170x60mm
Length 640mm
Width 130mm
Height 150mm
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