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1/24 Scale Japanese Sailing Ship Model

It is the traffic on the seas with the ship to have developed in Japan where a river flows through every direction to like a mesh of a net among the seas.
The structure of the Japanese ship is totally different from the Western ship.
It is the unique shape that I put a side plate together, and was made of the length that is approximately almost the full length of the hull on a floor board.
The generic name of these ships is called Wasen.
It is a pleasure boat to have been loved in the Edo era by the common people.

About the Model
The kit uses laser material processing parts cut precisely. It was easy to assemble a shape peculiar to Japanese-style ship and modelled it.
A tatami mat is spread all over the pleasure boat room and opens and closes the window like a genuine article. Furthermore, a light turns on the room and heaps up an atmosphere.
A color assembling manual, the assembling full-size drawing are renovation, the real Japanese-style ship models that it is easy to assemble.
49 kinds of wooden parts, metal parts three kinds, others (battery box, lantern)

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Ship Model Building News for Clare Hess

Manufacturer Woody JOE
Scale 1/24
Package size 615x165x60mm
Length 640mm
Width 130mm
Height 150mm
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