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1/250 Scale Wooden Battleship Model

About the Yamato Japanese Battleship
In 1917 the Japanese Navy began planning a strong "Eight-Eight" squadron. This was to comprise eight new battleships including the Nagato, Mutsu, Kaga, Tosa, Kii and Owari, and eight new battle cruisers including the Amagi, Akagi, Takao and Atago. In addition four new ships as yet unnamed were to be leviathans with a load displacement of 47,500 tons and carrying eight 46cm guns as their main armament.

A huge battleship of the legend revives in your room.
The frame method by the laser cutting is adopted in the hull, and everyone can surely assemble an elegant hull of battleship yamato. Moreover, a die cast, a soft metal, brass, and the etching parts, etc. are multiused to the structures such as bridges and turrets.
A huge battleship of the legend of which Japan boasts to the world revives in your room through this kit.

*The total length: 1,062mm.
*54 kinds of wooden parts, 130 kinds of metallic parts, and total parts 1,247.
*The production reference time: For 130 hours.

Manufacturer Woody JOE
Scale 1/350
Package size 750,300‚85mm
Length 1062mm
Width mm
Height mm
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