"Houryji Temple / Yumedono" Japanese Temple Model

WJJT 75-11 / Level 3
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1/75 Scale "Houryji Temple Yumedono"
Wooden Japanese Temple Model, by Woody JOE
Model making skill - Level 3

Hall of Dreams (Yumedono)
The octagonal Yumedono, or Hall of Dreams, is one of Horyuji Temple’s most impressive buildings. The scholar-priest Gyoshin Sozu commissioned its construction in 739 as a monument to Shotoku Taishi. The building was constructed on the site of the prince’s private palace, where he lived until his death in 622. The Hall of Dreams derives its name from a legend that a golden Buddha once appeared to Shotoku Taishi in a dream.

This model is 1/75 scale and is reproduced in detail. Works using laser-machined parts are characterized by their sophistication and ease of making. The octagonal roof structure is also designed so that it will not be distorted during assembly. Realistic reproduction of the lattice part of the door. It is a full-scale model that is easy to assemble even for first-time users. * Paint is sold separately.

Manufacturer: Woody JOE
Scale: 1/75
Package size: 470x245x60mm
Depth: 300mm
Width: 300mm
Height: 220mm
Assembly reference time: 43 hours
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