"Byodoin / Hououdo" Japanese Temple Model

Woody JOE
WJJT 75-03 / Level 3
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1/75 Scale "Byodoin Hououdo"
Wooden Japanese Temple Model, by Woody JOE

About the Byodoin-Hououdou / Phoenix Hall
Phoenix Hall National treasure of Japan. Byodoin Phoenix Hall Byodoin Phoenix Hall is an Amida temple founded in 1053 by "Fujiwara no Yorimichi". Byodoin-Hououdo is a masterpiece of the Heian era that gathered the exquisite of architecture, sculpture and craft. It is said that the building with the pond imitates Gokuraku Pure Land. According to one theory, the phoenix looks like it has spread its wings, and it is called the “phoenix hall” since the early Edo period. Many buildings were burned down by repeated disasters, but the Phoenix Hall was miraculously spared. Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The repair was completed in 2014 and it was unveiled as a bright red building.

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About the model
Wooden laser processing parts 43 types ■Wooden parts 36 types ■Metal parts 4 types
*The production reference time: For about 80 hours

Manufacturer Woody JOE
Scale 1/75
Package size 750x330x750mm
Depth 300mm
Width 722mm
Height 215mm
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