"Kiyomizu-dera" Japanese Temple Model

kobayashi Kougei
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1/100 Scale "Kiyomizu-dera" Wooden Japanese Castle Model, by Kobayashi Kougei

Reservation production product
This product needs from two weeks to two months for shipment completion.

The main hall (national treasure of Japan) is elegant architecture, which is 36 meters high in front, 30 meters in side, 18 meters in height.
This place, known for "the stage of Shimizu", is a wooden building built on a steep cliff by placing huge pillars of up to 12 meters long without using a single nail. "Stage" overhanging from the main hall is the height of a four-story building. Registered as a World Heritage Site in 1994.

Material: Yakusugi, Hinoki etc
Number of parts: wood parts: 920 pieces,
Metal parts: 9 soft metals, etched parts
Production reference time: 50 hours

Scale: 1/100
Package size:
Length: 400mm
Width: 550mm
Height: 330mm