"Kiyomizudera" Japanese Temple Model

Woody JOE
WJJT150-06 / Level 3
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1/150 Scale "Kiyomizudera"
Wooden Japanese Temple Model, by Woody JOE

Kiyomizudera main hall and stage
The main hall (national treasure of Japan) is elegant architecture, which is 36 meters high in front, 30 meters in side, 18 meters in height.
This place, known for "the stage of Kiyomizu", is a wooden building built on a steep cliff by placing huge pillars of up to 12 meters long without using a single nail. "Stage" overhanging from the main hall is the height of a four-story building. Registered as a World Heritage Site in 1994.

Kit uses precision laser cut processed parts.
It is a framework easy to assemble and reproduces the roof which draws an elegant curve. The appearance along with many pillars is sufficient. 
The trees in the completed photograph are sold separately. It is not included in the kit.

Assembly time about 80 hours

Manufacturer Woody JOE
Scale 1/150
Package size 471mm×247mm×63mm
Width 390mm
Height 245mm
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