Kobayashi Kougei

"Horyu-ji Temple-Goju-no-To / Architectural structured model" Wooden Japanese Temple Model

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Kobayashi Kougei 1/40 Scale Wooden Japanese Temple Model

Reservation production product
This product needs from two weeks to two months for shipment completion.

Horyu-ji Temple-Goju-no-To  / The oldest wooden architecture in the world
As for the appearance that builts enduring the one snowstorm and the earthquake by 1300 years or more though it is wooden, carpenter's wisdom and technology must be concentrated, it must be built, and I must feel belief and the zeal of a Japanese Buddhism.
Architectural structured model by KOBAYASHI KOUGEI

The first of the structured model series on which a wooden, architectural model first kit depends as a trial appears. It is a flagship model of an architectural model that exceeds the total height 85cm.

Production reference time: 200 hours

About the model
It is a large-scale model who is the first attempt as the wooden, architectural model kit.
This kit can get the structure of Five-Storied Pagoda to every corner skilled while feeling the eternal history until appreciating after it completes when producing it.
Total parts : by 3000 pieces or more . Each part is processed and expressed minutely according to the Big scale of 1/40.
The structured model is a model by which the customer actually constructs Five-Storied Pagoda.

*The carefully selected Japanese cypress material is used with all almost parts.
*By total 3200 parts or more of the kit . 244 kinds of wooden parts and 26 kinds of the metal part are used (It is most kind in the architectural model kit that is now).
*The production reference time: For 200 hours
*The total height when completing it: 855mm. the width and depth (decoration stand): 480mm
*It dares to omit the roof tile and the wall, and to reproduce an internal structure to center on "Shinbashira" faithfully.

Manufacturer:Kobayashi Kougei
Package size:
Size after completion:
Weight: 6400g