Woody JOE / Battleship YAMATO

Woody JOE reproduces Japanese battleship YAMATO with a wooden kit.
One of the world's largest battleships was born in a best shipbuilding technology at the time of time of more than four years.
263m in total length, full loading 72,800t in weight.


1/250 Scale "Yamato Japanese Battleship"

Woody JOE
Woody JOE - Wooden Battleship Model

About the Yamato Japanese Battleship
In 1917 the Japanese Navy began planning a strong "Eight-Eight" squadron. This was to comprise eight new battleships including the Nagato, Mutsu, Kaga, Tosa, Kii and Owari, and eight new battle cruisers including the Amagi, Akagi, Takao and Atago. In addition four new ships as yet unnamed were to be leviathans with a load displacement of 47,500 tons and carrying eight 46cm guns as their main armament.