Master's Coachwork

Enjoy the ultimate in modeling technology in the TAMIYA Master's Coachwork Series.
These models are designed and engineered to render the utmost fidelity in 1/12 scale.
Experience the thrill of creating a miniature replica using authentic materials to the same exacting degree as a professional coach builder.


1/12 Scale "Catherman Super Seven JPE"

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TAMIYA Master's Coachwork Series No.3

About the Catherman Super Seven JPE
The lightweight, sporty Caterham Super Seven has drawn fans from all over the world. Among a rich variety of Super Sevens, the JPE model made its debut in 1993 and became the flagship of the Seven series. This assembly model kit authentically recreates that winning car right down to the finest details. 1/12 scale; overall length 265mm; overall width 132mm; overall height 84mm.

1/12 Scale "Caterham Super Seven BDR Cycle Fender Special"

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TAMIYA Master's Coachwork Series No.2

1/12 Scale "Caterham Super Seven BDR"

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TAMIYA Master's Coachwork Series No.1
About the Caterham Super Seven BDR
The British Caterham produced Super Seven lightweight sports car, is not only distinguished for its driving pleasure, but is equally famous as a back-yard car assembly kit. It is well known that the original Seven was a creation of Colin Chapman, founder of the renowned Lotus group. Lotus history began in the late 1940's when Chapman built a racing car in his backyard, using assorted parts from other cars, and then successfully competed with it in local races.