F1 Grand Prix Collection

"TAMIYA 1/20 Scale Model F1 Grand Prix Collection" is a plastic model that collected F1 of successive.
Each kit stresses keen interior detailing and precise engine reproduction.
The kits were intended for beginner, intermediate and advanced modeler.


1/20 Scale "Red Bull Racing Renault RB6"

TAMIYA Grand Prix Collection No.67
See What Makes a Champion Tick
The RB6 car that brought S. Vettel his maiden Formula One Drivers' Championship and Red Bull Racing its first Constructors' Championship joins the Tamiya 1/20 scale model line-up. This aerodynamic trend-setter was the brainchild of Red Bull Racing's Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey and the mechanics team of Red Bull Racing. The sharp-edged V-nose, blown diffuser and pull rod rear suspension system, all trend-setters at the time, can now be reproduced and appreciated in detail while assembling this exquisite model.

1/20 Scale "Wolf WR1 1977"

Motorsports Team Set (1970-1985) (separately available).

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TAMIYA Grand Prix Collection No.64

1/20 Scale "Motorsports Team Set (1970-1985)"

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TAMIYA Grand Prix Collection No.63
Great Teamwork
There is no doubt that the success of a race team depends on the continuous good team work between everyone involved. This plastic assembly model set helps depict such a motorsports pit scene from 1970-1985. It would be truly enjoyable to combine this set to a model of a 1970 to 1985 F1 car from Tamiya's 1/20 scale Grand Prix Collection.

1/20 Scale "FERRARI F60"

TAMIYA Grand Prix Collection No.59
Ferrari's Remarkable Machine
Ferrari is the only team that has competed in every year of Formula One GP since its inception in 1950, and their new F60 commemorated the company's 60th year of F1 racing in 2009. Due to new race regulations for this season, the design of Ferrari's machine featured extensive modifications such as wider front and narrower rear wings. 

1/20 Scale "Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler 1976 Japan GP (w/Photo-Etched Parts)"

TAMIYA Grand Prix Collection No.58
The Only 6-Wheeled F1 Machine
The Tyrrell P34 is the only 6-wheeled machine in F1 history. It took part in actual races in 1976, and drivers J. Scheckter and P. Depailler went on to drive their cars to a 1-2 finish at the Swedish GP to prove the incredible potential of the P34.

1/20 Scale "Lotus 99T Honda"

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TAMIYA Grand Prix Collection No.57
Revolutionary Active Suspension
Lotus fielded the Honda-powered 99T for the 1987 season, with the cars featuring the vibrant yellow livery of new main sponsor Camel. Driven by the legendary Ayrton Senna and Satoru Nakajima, the 99T was designed by Gerard Ducarouge and had a powerful 1.5 liter turbocharged engine.

1/20 Scale "Full-View Williams BMW FW24 Italian Grand Prix 2002"

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TAMIYA Grand Prix Collection No.56
About the Williams BMW FW24 Italian Grand Prix 2002
Not only featuring "full view" qualities such as a transparent monocoque, extra parts for the front bulk head, and metal plated parts for the muffler and wheels, the front and rear wings have also been specially designed to accurately replicate vehicle featured in the Italian GP. Detailed reproduction of bulkhead, pedal, steering shaft and master cylinders is visible due to transparent parts.

1/20 Scale "Williams F1 BMW FW24"

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TAMIYA Grand Prix Collection No.55

About the WilliamsF1 BMW FW24
WilliamsF1 (formerly Williams Grand Prix Engineering) was founded in 1977 by Frank Williams and Patrick Head. After a challenge and success filled twenty-year period, the alliance with BMW in 2000 proved to be a formula for renewed and rapid success. With its characteristic aerodynamic devices and angular form the FW24 does not look so different from its predecessor, the FW23. However, the resemblance does not do justice to the extensive fine-tuning of insufficient mechanical grip and other solutions on previous weak points.

1/20 Scale "Full View Ferrari F1-2001"

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TAMIYA Grand Prix Collection No.54

About the Ferrari F1-2001
After Jody Sheckter took the Drivers' Title in 1979, Ferrari struggled to achieve significant results. However, after winning Constructor's Championship in the 1999 season, the team regained its dominance and basked in the glory of a long awaited Drivers' and Constructors' Championship dual title in 2000. With drivers Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello behind the wheel again the following year, the team kept up its relentless pace as Ferrari, Shell, and Schumacher humbled all challengers by earning the most amount of points ever ammassed in an F1 season so far.

1/20 Scale "Tyrrell P34B 1977 Monaco GP"

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TAMIYA Grand Prix Collection No.53
About the Tyrrell P34
In the 1976 F1 World Championships, Tyrrell P34 six-wheeler made its debut and demonstrated outstanding performance throughout the season. In the following season, P34 obtained First National City Bank as its main sponsor and changed its cowl painting to blue and white two-tone. The P34 in this season featured full engine cowling to improve aero-dynamics and was driven by P. Depailler and R. Peterson. Tyrrell encountered trouble when the development of P34's unique front tires stagnated as a result of the tire war between Michelin and Goodyear, but they continued their efforts to win by making minor-alterations to their P34 machines throughout the season.