Collector's Club Special

TAMIYA Collector 's Club is Semi-assembled die-cast metal display model. Body has been reproduced with metal die-cast for maximum realism.
Engine and suspension parts use ABS resin to realize fine detailing. Doors and engine hood can be opened to display interior design.


1/12 Scale "Ferrari 288GTO / Semi-Assembled Premium Model"

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TAMIYA Collector's Club No.11

A Special Group B Racing Machine
Initially designed to take part in the Group B category of rally racing, the Ferrari GTO was unveiled to the world at the 1984 Geneva Motor Show. While based on the best-selling 308GTB, the GTO was a completely different beast, featuring a space frame chassis and a mid-mounted 2,855cc V8 twin-turbo engine that produced 400hp that enabled a top speed of 305km/h. Lightweight materials were used liberally for the construction of the body, and the body styling itself was aggressive, with wide fenders and 250 GTO-inspired duck tail and rear fender slits. Although the cancellation of the Group B category meant the GTO could not show its racing potential, the car is still famous for initiating a long line of Ferrari supercars that followed it.

1/6 Scale "Honda CB750 Racing / Semi-Assembled Premium Model"

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TAMIYA Collector's Club No.10

About the Racing Honda CB750
On March 15, 1970 at the worlds largest production motorcycle race the Daytona 200, the Honda Motorcycle Group entered its racing version of the CB750. With an average lap speed of 164.3km/h, the CB750 went on to set a new course record. Pumping out 95ps/9500rpm with a top speed of 240km/h, the racing CB750 continued its winning form not only in Japan but also abroad, becoming the standard where other high performance motorcycles would grade themselves against.

1/12 Scale "Enzo Ferrari Yellow / Semi-Assembled Premium Model"

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TAMIYA Collector's Club No.9

About the Enzo Ferrari
In September 2002, Ferrari officially introduced the Enzo Ferrari at the Paris Auto Show. The revolutionary all-carbon fiber body of this sports car, which has the same name as Ferrari's founder, uses design elements from Ferrari F1 cars such as an elongated nose sprouting vertical blades that integrate with large air intakes. Drive-by-wire electronic speed control is capable of shifting in 0.15 seconds.

1/12 Scale "Porsche Turbo RSR TYPE 934 / Fully-Assembled Premium Model"

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TAMIYA Collector's Club No.8

About the Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 / Dominating 1976 Group 4 Race Car
Based on the Porsche 930 introduced in 1975, the Turbo RSR Type 934 was developed to compete in the Group 4 GT category of FIA races.

1/12 Scale "PORSCHE CARRERA GT Yellow / Semi-Assembled Premium Model"

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TAMIYA Collector's Club No.7

Become Owner No. 1501
Promoted as Porsche's next generation flagship super sports car, the Carrera GT was officially unleashed onto the international motoring market in 2003, with Porsche planning to build just 1,500 models over the next three years at its factory in Leipzig, Germany.

1/12 Scale "PORSCHE CARRERA GT / Semi-Assembled Premium Model"

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TAMIYA Collector's Club No.6
Introduction / PORSCHE CARRERA GT ( Semi-Assembled Premium Model )
This super luxury model is in the spirit of our hugely successful 1/12 Enzo Ferrari, just as the elite sportscar Carrera GT is Porsche's answer to the Enzo. The exquisitely crafted replica features a beautiful silver finish, and painstaking reproduction of every detail of the full-size car. Semi-assembled style means that even non-modelers will face little difficulty putting it together. Check out the saliva-inducing specs and pictures below!

1/12 Scale "ENZO FERRARI / Semi-Assembled Premium Model"

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TAMIYA Collector's Club No.5
Introduction / ENZO FERRARI ( Semi-Assembled Premium Model )
Following the Ferrari tradition of bringing racing technology to the road, the Enzo is Ferrari's 4th limited edition super sports car. Tamiya is proud to present a 1/12 scale multi-material semi-assembled model of the Enzo Ferrari. In order to obtain unprecedented level of detail, this replica is constructed from high quality materials including ABS resin cowling, die-cast metal engine, metallic mesh grille and synthetic rubber tires.