Woody JOE / Japanese-Style Ship

The Japanese-style ship that evolved in an original form. Let's build a ship with the characteristic hull!


1/72 Scale "Japanese-style ship HIGAKIKAISEN Structure reproduction model"

Woody JOE
Woody JOE - Japanese Sailing Ship Model

It is the periodical carrier which linked Edo to Osaka in the Edo era.
A periodical voyage began in about 1624 and carried miscellaneous goods such as cotton, oil, liquor, soy sauce, the sugar.
The meaning of Higaki comes from that I took the decoration of a lattice established to a both the port side and the right side.
The parts in the kit are processed with a laser. It is easy to assemble the parts cut precisely and reproduces the inside of the then large-scale Japanese-style ship.

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1/30 Scale "Japanese-style ship WASEN-SENGOKUBUNE"

Woody JOE
Woody JOE - Japanese Sailing Ship Model

Ship that represents a lot of Japan used in Edo period. As for the ship, one structure nailed by differing from the ship of the West, not carinate, and using the large tree and was made from the vessel of the sail.

1/72 Scale "Japanese-style ship KITAMAEBUNE"

Woody JOE
Woody JOE - Japanese Wooden Sailing Ship Model

Kitamaebune a large cargo sailing ship that was sailing in the early Meiji era from the Edo era.
Sailing in the Sea of Japan side from Hokkaido to Osaka via Shimonoseki.
Unlike the hull of HIGAKIKAISEN that was operating the Pacific Ocean side, is the warping of the hull is large feature in order to respond to the Sea of Japan in the rough seas.

1/24 Scale "Japanese-style ship YAKATABUNE"

Woody JOE
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Woody JOE - Japanese Sailing Ship Model
It is the traffic on the seas with the ship to have developed in Japan where a river flows through every direction to like a mesh of a net among the seas.
The structure of the Japanese ship is totally different from the Western ship.
It is the unique shape that I put a side plate together, and was made of the length that is approximately almost the full length of the hull on a floor board.
The generic name of these ships is called Wasen.
It is a pleasure boat to have been loved in the Edo era by the common people.

1/24 Scale "Japanese-style ship HACCHORO"

Woody JOE
Woody JOE - Japanese Sailing Ship Model

About the HACCHORO
In the Edo era, the Japanese-style ship was set of seven oars for reasons of the military affairs.
However, Ieyasu Tokugawa commanded it to give speed when it sailed from it on a bonito fishing boat.
It was admitted that I rowed it with eight oars from this time.

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